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Mission Statement & Code of Ethics

Our mission is to:

  • Establish and promote equitable, efficient and standardized administration of General Assistance.
  • Encourage the professional development, growth, and knowledge base of those who administer General Assistance.
  • Advocate for the municipalities and the people that we serve.
  • Actively promote and present our program needs to the Legislature and public by creating a greater awareness of the importance and the benefits of equitable, efficient, and standardized General Assistance Administration.

Standard of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Maine Welfare Directors Association (MWDA) is a professional non-profit organization that seeks to promote the general interests of its members through the exchange of information and ideas. In pursuit of this objective all members of the MWDA are enjoined to adhere to legal, ethical, and professional standards of conduct in the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities. The standards of ethics and professional conduct set forth in the tenets below are promulgated in order to enhance the performance of all members of this Association.

  • Members shall abide by approved professional practices and standards.
  • Confidential Information. Members shall not disclose to others, or use to further their personal interest, confidential information acquired by them in the course of their official duties.
  • Members shall strive to provide the highest quality of performance.
  • Members shall exercise prudence and integrity in the management of funds, and in all financial transactions.
  • Members shall not knowingly sign, subscribe to, or permit the issuance of any statement, report, or provide information which contains any misstatement or which omits any material fact.
  • Members shall not knowingly be a party to or condone any illegal or improper activity.
  • Members shall respect the rights, responsibilities and integrity of their colleagues, and clients with whom they work and associate.
  • Members shall enhance awareness & promote education around issues of discrimination, harassment or other unfair practices




















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