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Summary of 2020 Amendments to Model GA Ordinance

The ordinance has been updated as of 9-3-20 with new appendices showing 2020-2021 maximums. The enactment form on page 2 of the Ordinance was revised for additional clarity and appendix I was updated with the most recent version of 26 M.R.S. § 1043(23).

Previously, in 2019, the ordinance was amended to comply with legislation enacted in 2019. that added “Potable water” was added to the list of basic necessities. PL 2019, c. 126. In addition, a new definition of “homelessness” was added to the ordinance and a new section 5.1A was added to address presumptive eligibility up to 30 days now required for persons in an emergency homeless shelter. Also, a person experiencing homelessness as defined in the law is eligible for emergency GA benefits if meeting all other applicable criteria. PL 2019, c. 515. Finally, consistent with DHHS guidance issued May 2019, the ordinance was amended to allow the GA administrator to authorize reimbursement for cell phones if needed for work related purposes. An updated version of the ordinance and redlined version showing the 2019 changes is available below.

Ordinance: [right click on link and "save target as"]

Ordinance & Appendices 9/2020 [pdf] OR  Ordinance & Appendices 9/2020 [Word]

Redlined version detailing 2020 changes [pdf]

2020-2021 Ordinance Maximums:


DHHS Guidance on Eligible Non-Citizens – July 2019

DHHS Guidance on Municipality of Responsibility-September 2018


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